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social media marketing + Content strategy For Estheticians and spa owners

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Coming soon- 2020 Spa Social Media Planner

Want to turn social media scrollers into scheduled bookings for your spa in less than an hour per week?

Even if you have zero clue what to post to social media. 

Join the waitlist for the 2020 Ultimate Spa Social Media Planner featuring 365 days of done-for-you post prompts launching mid-October.

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    Cultivating Captivating Brands From the Ground Up (Aka our philosopy)

    At Root to Petal Creative, we navigate every aspect of your brand’s content strategy from the ground up.

    Using this holistic approach, we start by helping you take root in your purpose, thrive through authentically cultivating an engaged community in the places where your ideal clients already are, and blooming a successful business by crafting and executing organic content marketing strategies that result in more dream clients.

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    Let’s make your marketing work



    Whether you want to have a profitable Instagram presence or a systemized content strategy that you can pass off to your team, our courses are where you’ll learn the skills to make it so.


    For experts who want to stay focused on their zone of genius and leave the digital marketing skills to a team that can deliver results.



    Welcome, Friend!

    I’m so happy you found your way to our little corner of the internet! I’m Danielle, the Founder and Creative Director of Root to Petal Creative.

    I believe that as much as technology advances, people still crave an unforgettable experience that’s rooted in authenticity and purpose whether that’s in a treatment room, on the massage table, or in your chair.

    At Root to Petal Creative, we help you develop and translate those experiences in the digital world so you can grow your brand and see your community-based, brick-and-mortar business flourish.

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    Kind Words


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