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We Believe in growing Successful Businesses by Cultivating Incredible Brand Experiences


You’re passionate about your work, and you’ve established a business to provide you the freedom you crave, but there’s a piece of the puzzle that doesn’t fit…

Whether you’ve evolved beyond the original audience or clientele you intended to serve, or you’ve shifted your offerings and expertise, or you simply started without giving your brand much thought, you know your marketing efforts aren’t aligning in a way that captivates your dream client’s attention or compels them to come back for more.

You could carry on doing the same old, same old, knowing that you'll continue wasting your resources, but you didn’t embark on this journey to see your dreams plateau or your business shrink into the shadows.

You’re ready to embark on a new season of growth.

At Root to Petal Creative, we believe in cultivating intentional and organic growth through clarified brand messaging, developing a distinct visual presence and crafting a stand-out marketing strategy that will get you in front of and engaging with the people who are going to boost both your presence and your profits.

No more second-guessing on whether a particular tactic is worth your time, and no more wasting your marketing dollars on strategies that don’t cater to your specific industry or align with your business’ values, goals or needs.

Now’s the season to make your business bloom.

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Meet Danielle, Founder and Creative Director


With 8+ years of experience working as a strategist and marketer within the wellness and spa industries, Danielle has worked with a variety of professionals including award-winning salon and fitness center owners, beauty and health product brand creators, and spa and wellness industry consultants and educators.

And although she’s worked with a variety of experts, she’s found that business owners like you all tend to have a couple of things in common:

- You’re tired of showcasing a piecemeal brand and crave a commanding online presence that will naturally compel and convert your dream clients and customers.

- You don’t have the time to crack the latest Instagram algorithm or figure out what you should be doing on Facebook to stops someone’s scroll and convert them into a new lead.

Instead, you need a reliable go-to source who knows your business, your industry, and your marketing goals, and can help you get to the root of what will make your brand (and profits) flourish. And that’s where we come in.