The 3 Must-Have Tools Every Beauty Pro Needs in Their Instagram Marketing Toolkit


Whether your specialty is skin, hair, brows, lashes, or skin, there’s one foundational rule that is imperative to your Instagram success, and that is as an esthetic professional, your visual aesthetics on Instagram need to be notch.

From photos to videos and any other visual aspect, you need to have visuals that accurately convey the results you’re capable of achieving for your clients because Instagram is, in a sense, like an interactive portfolio.

To help you with producing high-quality visuals without spending a crazy amount of your time and energy on the process, you’ll want to have a few key tools in your toolbox:

1) A Lighting Kit

Well-lit photos are crucial no matter what kind of business you’re in, but especially as a beauty professional you need the ability to showcase the authentic results of your work (aka no filters) whether that be with accurate hair color and dimension or skin clarity and luminosity, which requires good lighting.

Personally, I love the kits from Socialite Lighting.

Not only do they have a variety of lighting options such as ring lights and clip-on phone lights to fit a variety of needs and spaces (even if you’re in a small treatment room as a solo stylist or esthetician), but they also have tripods and remote clickers that make hands-free content creation a breeze.

And what’s the value of hands-free? Well, you can be doing your work, and still be creating content at the same time (for example, hyper-lapse videos of you doing a treatment) and you can set up a tripod so you can do live broadcasts while demonstrating or educating your audience.

2) The CutStory App

Currently, Instagram Stories is one of the top traffic sources on Instagram meaning users are starting to spend more time and engage more within the Stories part of the Instagram platform rather than the main feed.

But one thing that’s tough about creating content for your Instagram Stories is that you only have 15 seconds to record a snippet of video and if you are trying to say something longer than 15 seconds to your audience, it can get a little choppy once you've uploaded your stories.

So, rather than having to hold down that button every 15 seconds and get your story pieces to flow together, using an app like CutStory allows you to take a 30 or 45-second little video clip and seamlessly splice it into those 15-second increments, which saves your time and sanity.

Also, CutStory has additional features such as adding music, which can be great for keeping attention especially when you’re not talking in a video as well as adding text, which is always beneficial so that viewers watching without sound on can still get the full value of your content by knowing what they’re looking at.

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    3) An Instagram Scheduler

    Last but not least, having an Instagram scheduling tool helps you defeat the number one obstacle to winning on Instagram: consistency.

    You may have great ideas for creating content and sharing your work, but you’re a busy businesswoman, and finding even a 10 to 15-minute chunk of time to post every day isn’t realistic, and it can pull your productivity from other, more lucrative activities (like dedicating 10 to 15 minutes to engage with your followers and audience on Instagram).

    So, instead of flying by the seat of your pants trying to find something, anything to post, you’re better off spending an hour or two and batching your Instagram posts for a month ahead of time and ensure you’ll be showing up and giving value to your audience on Instagram consistently.

    Some of my favorite tools to recommend are Later, Planoly, and Plann. They’re all great; it’s just a matter of personal preference on the various features they offer.

    And there you have it, my top three tools for every beauty professional who wants to level up their Instagram game, or really your overall social media game.

    Half the battle with building a compelling presence on social media is putting out quality content consistently, and all of these tools will help you do just that while also saving you your precious time and with minimal tech know-how.